new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables

Any opinions on new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables?
Been auditioning a 1.5m IC and it has about 100 hours on it. I'm a bit concerned now because my system sounds a bit veiled. I actually noticed it early on but I figured additional break-in would changed the situation. Have had PN Epsilons/Cerulean/Paragon and none have exhibited this "sound". Can anyone comment? How are the Alluvions working out for everyone else?
Nope. The Alluvions are a more accurate cable in terms of neutrality. Their previous models always had a lively clean sound to them. I suspect the palladium tones down the silver. I think it depends on your system. In my case the Alluvions are very liquid and natural especially on bright recordings. When I compare Alluvion to Paragon, the Paragon is more falsely detailed. The Epsilons were the brightest with the most edge.
Thanks for the reply sonic.
Actually, I think the cables needed more than 100 hours of burn-in as it sounds great now. The alluvions are as advertised and much more liquid than the paragons in my system. Something I think I had to get use to, since I was using the paragons for about 2 year.
Yes, they are sweet cables in most systems. They are smoother than the Valhalla IMO with just as much detail.
any one try the new Designer series cables from Pure Note? If so, what do you think about them?