new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables

Any opinions on new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables?
I now have 100 hours on the Alluvion RCA interconnects. My first impression is the fact they are not there. The background is dead black (reminds me of my Kuro HDTV). The music flows effortlessly. No edge at all in the mids and highs. Bass is deep. These cables don't sound silvery.

I love the connectors. They fit tight and I can do on-the-fly changes without popping my speakers. These are the same connectors that are found on the Nordost Valhallas. The cables are also light and flexible, nice to handle.

Prices are more than the Paragons but far less than the Titaniums. Overall (IMO), Pure Note's best product in their ten years of existence.
Any new updates on the Alluvions? Would certainly appreciate impressions from you guys now that you've had a while to live with them. I've had the cerulean for a few years and the Alluvions are intriguing.
The Alluvion speaker cables are very clean without being harsh. I did not compare them with Ceruleans but the Alluvions seem to be more "polite". Those who like strong and low bass should look elsewhere.