New PS Audio Ampliphier

Does anyone have any expedience with the PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier? 
The S300 will be released officially the middle of April.  With just a few beta units out in the public for testing, it's likely a little early to find anyone with a lot of listening time on one.  The guys at PS Audio REALLY like the amp a lot from talking with them.

****PS Audio dealer disclaimer
"The PS Audio guy really liked" this new PS Audio amp?...... Really? Stop the presses.
Just trying to help the OP as he is looking for info on an amp that's not even really available yet.  So info from straight from PS is about what you will get at this time (or take a look at what the beta test guys are saying on the PS Audio forums).
Maybe you meant the "REALLY" ironically?
I regret posting . I had no idea this was a new amp. I saw the add on Music Direct.  Peace All

BTW, what's with this "Stellar" line they're diving into? Is PS Audio trying to move into entry-level audiophile market with class D, delta-sigma DACs, etc?
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