New Project RS2T transport

I have had one already and sent it back, did not work at all upon receipt. Dealing with the Music Room though is a pleasure. Will always do business with them. Had unit replaced with a new one, just arrived Yesterday, Sunday afternoon 7-25-22. Hooked it up and SAID WOW!!! I have a Meitner MA-1 DAC and the synergy is Fabulous. Right out of the box it sounded, GREAT. So very OPEN. I have been blessed when upgrading several pieces to be totally surprised by the improvements. VERY Audible!

I am somewhat concerned though as there have been a great deal of posts about quality control issues. (see first sentence)  As I said unit sounds GREAT, very impressed. HOWEVER, if anyone can comment that owns one, I noticed when placing the little magnetic puck on the disc that it just sits atop the center spindle and does not contact disc. The magnetic puck has a female center on the underside that goes over a very small  male metal protrusion. (SPINDLE)   I would think that it should go over that spindle totally and meet the disc firmly. (no space between disc and puck??? When I place puck on top of CD, It appears that the machining on the underside of the hole should be a MM wider so it doesn't sit atop the spindle and drops down totally on the disc. Hope this makes sense. Thanks Robert TN    Ps would like to thank Charles1 DAD  for encouraging me to stick with transport. It is that GOOD!!!   Just wondering if they all are designed to do what I am experiencing?


Hi @robshaw 

Congratulations on getting the LTA linear power supply. It has earned a wonderful reputation and I had no doubt you’d be quite pleased with this unit or the Fidelizer Nikola II. I do believe that you will benefit from using a good quality power cable with the linear power supply. Excellent move on your part to extract further sound quality from the terrific RS2T.

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My brother is a big college game guy. We spoke this am. he said as you did, great game.  Have fingers crossed, hoping for the best.  Enjoy your football today!  Robert


I modified my original QStab for my Jay's Audio CD Transport to fit into my Pro Ject RS2T and yes, it's a notable and welcomed difference in sound quality across the board.

The good news is, Mike at HQ Audio has come out with a newer version that sound even better and designed to fit our Pro Ject CD transport. I have one on the way...😁


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I had no awareness of this product. I am so happy with the sound quality of my RS2T that I have not given any thought of tweaks or modification for it. I’ll look into the links you have kindly provided.

I know that you moved from your Jay’s Audio CD2 MK III to the RS2T. I did not know that you had taken even a further step with this Q-stab product. Well I’ll have to see exactly what it is and what it does.