New prodcution tubes in Jolida JD100, any luck?

Im waiting for a Jolida JD100 to come in, it should be here next week. I've had one before but didnt keep it for too long. Now I think it may be just right to help warm up my system (MF A5 integrated & B&W N804). Have any of you had luck using new production tubes with the JD 100? I have a pair of Groove Tube 12AX7 "mullard clones" that I am looking forward to trying out. What are some new tubes that have great detail without sacrificing the mids?
I had two JD100s as well. One of them came with Sovteks and the other had no lettering on them at all (although they sounded just like the Sovteks). The Sovteks were ok but lacked transparency. Electro Harmonix were the best of the new tubes I have tried. I ended up using NOS GE 5751s however - well worth the money - but the EHs have excellent detail and HF extension which I felt the JD100 benefited from.

I currently have a Musical Fidelity A5 which is nice, but just not warm enough or relaxing enough for my tastes. It is indeed a smooth player, but the highs are still kinda harsh sometimes.
I liked the EI 12AX7 in my JD-100. I found them warmer than any of the Russian tubes I used.