New Pro ject tube box or used ARC PH-3 ???

Hey Guys, Trying to decide whether to go with a new Pro ject tube box 2 For around $450.00 and add a Welborne labs power supply another $300.00. Or track down a used audio research PH 3. In the end it will be about the same amount of cash. What would you pick?
Thanks Zack
Well, it the long run the ARC will still be worth the exact same $$$ after using it two years. The other will be worth half what you paid.
If it matters.
If you might upgrade in a few years it might make the difference clear as to which one to go for.
I own an ARC PH-2 i keep around.
And an ARC Sp-15 i still also keep around for the phono section.
Between those 2 options, I'd go with the ARC unit. I'd expect it to sound better, and also to have better resale as Elizabeth mentioned.
Thanks Guys.
Yes that does make sense. Guess, now the search is on for a PH-3. Resale is important, I have not heard either unit but would also think the ARC would sound better.
Thanks Again
If you did get the Project get the SE edition, it is suppose to be considerably better; I would probably get the AR; although I have never owned any myself.