New pressing CSN debut - any good?

Has anyone heard the current pressing (180 gram) CSN debut LP and is it worth the $30 or should I just get $20 HDCD?
It seems like Suite: Judy Blue Eyes might be wonderful on LP.
I have not heard the 180 gm repress but I have heard and recommend the 200gm Classic Vinyl pressing. You can get still get that at Acoustic Sounds for $50. I am an HDCD fan and have the Rhino HDCD reissue of CSN. Overall really good -has four bonus tracks (Do for Others, Song with No Words, Everybody's Talkin' and Teach Your Children). The one thing I don't like is that on Long Time Gone, the bass and guitar are much more in the background than on the LP.
I ordered the 200-gram pressing from acoustic sounds. Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to hear it.
Ugh, it was totally warped. They're sending me a replacement.
How do these new pressings compare to original pressings of CSN?
I received the replacement. It's a pretty good pressing, very quiet. Probably not worth $50 though. It's good, just not great.
I think an original in mint condition would sound better and be cheaper, though I'm certain it would be hard to find. Unfortunately I haven't heard an original, so can't compare.