new preamp under $750 with remote, solid state...

My beloved b&k pt5 preamp is developing multiple issues. I won't bore with details of confirming the preamp is solely failing.

I would like to buy new, solid state and with a remote. Anybody like/dislike the Adcom GFP-815? Other suggestions would be really appreciated!!
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The Adcom GFP-750 is much better.
There's a seller with rega cursa 3 for $800. Great deal.
Classe audio CP-35 comes up on audiogon. Retail was ~$1300, should sale for about $500 with remote. Detailed but analytical. Good soundstage. Flexible inputs/outputs. Also there is a CP-47 which is said to be better, may sell for ~$750. I have not heard this model.
I guess I'm hoping to get something new/not used, but that appears to be a pipe dream. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!!
Emotiva USP-1. It's gotten great reviews and comes with a 30 day in-home trial and a 5 year warranty. $449 with free shipping within the US:

How about the Parasound 2100 pre-amp? Its a full featured solid state stereo pre-amp with remote. It even has a HT Bypass feature and bass management. They are $650 brand new, much less for used. Hope this helps.
An Audio Research LS-9 will do the job and holds its value well.
The asking price today is in the $800 range (which is what I paid for one in 1999).
An honest SS pre with balanced inputs and remote.
Note: An ARC LS-3/LS-3B is close kin.
A used Forte Model Forty Four.
I replaced a B&K Pro 5 with a Parasound Halo P3-LOVED IT. Like night and day. It was great.
If you want SS new then I would second the Halo 3 opinion.
Thanks for all the replies! This gives me a lot more to think about before committing to something.