New preamp: need to change speaker placement?

I apologize for the cryptic title, not sure if Audiogon has a character limit. My question is, if I introduce a new component (in this case a preamp), would it affect the sound such that I would need to re-address speaker placement? I use the Master Set method for speaker placement, which primarily depends on bass resonance and tone and is a very exact placement method (down to fractions of an inch). I'm assuming (hoping, actually) that introducing a different preamp does not necessarily mean I need to re-address the speaker placement. Any users of the MS method I would be esp happy to hear from, as well as other informed insights/experiences.


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Yes, you may have to address speaker placement after a chnge in the system. I changed a power cord...soundstage shiifted a little. Setting up ur speakers can be a time consuming event which can prove to be well worth the effort. Good Luck!