New Preamp

Need some recommendations here. Getting old. Want a new preamp with a remote and a phono stage. It will feed a pair of Jadis JA-80s, a VPI HRX with a Koetsu Urushi will feed into it. Sound comes out of some WATT/Puppy 8s. I listen to just about everything. Thank you. Curtis
How about a bit more information?

Such as:


Tube or solid state?

Is a fully balanced preamp required?

Does the remote control need to handle everything, or just volume and mute?

Without knowing the answers to the above questions, here are some candidates to check out:

Ayre K-1xe - (Solid State, balanced operation, great phono stage, however this particular preamp has just recently been discontinued).
(FYI, I own this preamp.)

Halcro DM 10 - Solid State, balanced operation, Reputed to be incredibly good, with a reference phono stage.

Atma-sphere MP-1 - (Tube, balanced operation, also reputed to be very good.)

Aesthetix Janus - (Tube, balanced operation, lots of features, might be a bit noisy with very low output MC cartridges, (however, I have heard that they have resolved that issue).

Those are a few that immediately come to mind.
If you are that old getting up off the couch to adjust the volume control might be the excercise you need.
what are you using currently and what sound do you like?
How about a Jadis? Match the amps, I am sure they make some great pre's and will have very little tone issues or compatibility issues with your rig, safe bet if you already like what your amps and speakers are doing together making music...
Mark Levinson 326S - Currently offered for sale on Audiogon for $6395.00