New Pre/Pro for 2 ch guy? (+How easy to set up RC in top units like Lyngdorf, etc)?

I'm struggling with whether to repair my wonderful Krell S1200 pre/pro or breaking bank to get new pre/pro for basic 5.1 setup that may or may not ever grow to 6.1, 7.1, etc. 2 channel audio is my prime concern, but I wouldn't mind finally seeing what room correction would sound like in HT setting.  Don't like idea that many p/p digitize analog inputs, as I have an Esoteric K03 that sounds amazing and I wonder if this will be a downgrade in sound.  However, been reading that something like a Lyngdorf sounds great, and room correction could make a big diff even in 2 channel.  How easy is RC setup on units like Lyngdorf, Trinnov, or AudioControl? (Assuming Marantz, NAD, Krell Foundation won't be up to par in two channel or in RC?)

Appreciate any help/insight you can provide.  Thanks much!!!

PS - Rest of system: Speakers: Revel Salon 2 L/R, Revel Voice2 C, B&W DS7 and XTC8 surrounds. Velodune sub. Amps: Mcintosh mc452, Sunfire TGA 5200. CD/SACD: Esoteric K03. Bluray: Oppo 103. Streaming: Sonos


I use a Classe Sigma SSP, and it has digital bypass so I don’t have to have an analog signal converted to digital. They are out of production now and can be found at very discounted prices. It does have manual PEQ. I also have McIntosh 611’s, and they do not sound mushy or syrupy. There is a huge McIntosh love/ hate thread in the amp section on Audiogon.

That is my overall concern, getting good 2 channel sound out of a processor or going to a 2 piece processor and preamp setup.

My advice, if 2-channel is important, is to buy a good, dedicated stereo preamp and feed the preamp outs of an AVP into the stereo pre. The performance of a good stereo pre will be much better than that of an AVP. If I’m you I get an Anthem AVP and a good stereo pre that meets your tastes in your system and you’ll be much better off. In this setup you can run your excellent Esoteric right into the stereo preamp and keep it completely separate from the HT processing in your system. So sorry I didn’t recommend this earlier — my bad.  If you still want room correction for 2-channel, go with the Lyngdorf — it’s what they do.  I wouldn’t buy a Lyngdorf amp, and I wouldn’t buy McIntosh room correction as each has their inherent strengths and capabilities.  Again, hope this helps in some way, and best of luck. 

I see you have an oppo 103 and a great 2 channel system. .  What additional "processing" do you feel you need? 

Went with the Lyngdorf MP40. Fingers crossed on the 2ch SQ, but really excited  about the surround sound.  May still get a good preamp with HT bypass, but hopefully the MP40 and room perfect will fill the bill.

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