New pre-amp purchase advice

Helping a friend* decide upon a new pre-amp purchase - current pre amp, a Meitner PA-6i is RIP. I thank you in advance the knowledgeable members of Audiogon to offer good advice. 

*he got me into this crazy hobby over 40 years ago!

Budget: Around $1K, give or take.  He’s considering a new $700 Adcom GFP-815 but open to suggestions. Primary interest: a TT input for low output MC cartridges. Other line inputs needed too. 

Remaining system components: Mission 775SM TT with Audioquest 404i cartridge, Krell KSA 100 MkII power amp driving Thiel CS 3.5’s.”


1000 thanks in advance, Tony


The ADCOM definitely does it, and in budget


ONLY SOME preamps have MM Phono Inputs

FEWER preamps have MC Phono Inputs (or both).

I suggest keeping options greater, both new or used, by going for greater availability (thus less cost) Preamp with MM Phono, and then a separate SUT step-up-transformer to boost any low level MC up to MM signal strength for the Preamps MM Phono input.

A used Rogue RP-1. Fits the budget and has a surprisingly good phono stage. I used it with Hana EL with great results.

The Emotiva Basx PT1, released a few months ago as the successor to the PT-100, has a phono input with a switch for MM or MC among its inputs. I have not heard it. Made in U.S. and sold direct from factory. List US$399.


I recommend Schiit Freya + . I have not heard it but am very familiar with many of the companies products. I own three. They are simply outstanding for the money and this has the advantage of being tube or solid state, and you can swap tubes to see haw this can change the sound. You want to get as good a preamp as possible for your system… this fits the bill for the budgeted minded.

I could be wrong,but I don’t believe the Freya + has a phono stage. 

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