New Pre-amp for my system

I would appreciate some suggestions for a great pre-amp (with phono stage) to go with the following: Classe CA-150 amp, Merlin TSM/Focus Audio 688/or B&W Sig805 speakers (to be determined), Fujitsu Plasmavision TV;also need an equally compatible DVD/CD player that doesn't sacrifice too much sight for sound or vice versa ( with HDMI capability)and doesn't cost 10K+ (Esoteric). Thank you. very much.
Not sure what your budget is?

For a preamp I would recommend either a Blue Circle (goes well with Focus Audio) or if you have some more money a CAT. Niether one come with a phono-stage but I would recommend a Black Cube external phono stage. It's very good. Or if money is really tight you could look at a passive preamp - such as a Bent Audio or Antique sound labs. Passives are very hard to beat for the price.

I can also recommend teh Focus Audio's. IMHO they will beat the 805 in all areas.
bvaudio p10 has phono stage and remote
not sure if this is what you're looking for
CAT's may be ordered with or without a phono stage. The majority of used ones which I have encountered do have a
phono stage. The CAT's integrated phono stage, as well as the entire unit, is considered world class. It would beat even most other separate phono stages, except perhaps the very finest separate units such as the Aesthetix IO.