New Powersupply for Modwright owners

I just recently received the new power-supply Dan is offering for his players. The new PS uses tube rectifiers. I I believe its the first time Dan has used them in any of
his products. My current Modwright player is the Sony 999ES with all the upgrades including the latest clock.

A few quick notes. The new PS is bigger than the old one
and much heavier too. It must weigh in at over 20lbs or so.

The new PS transforms this player. The sound is smoother
and more organic. There is more air between instruments
and the imaging is improved as well. No upgrade I have
done to the player (clock uprade, tube upgrade, expensive
powercords) has come close to what the new PS done. IMO
this is a no brainer upgrade.



BTW, the PS uses one GZ34/5AR4 rectifier. Great tube for rolling.

Can't find anything about it on the Modwright website. I, too, have the 999es and am definitely interested in this upgrade. What's the cost of admission?

I was sniffing around today about the upgrade on some other sites. Do you lose anythign compared to the SS, like frequency extremes, etc.



Walersala, the cost of the upgrade was less than $500.
Well worth the cost IMO.

Mattybumpkin, the new PS is superior to the old one in
every category. Its not even close IMO. More detail, better
resolution, more air between instruments. The new PS adds
layering and texturing to the soundstage that the old PS
never could. Its as close to a 3-D soundstage as I have
ever heard in my system.

Intro price for a completely new tube rectified supply = $500. Upgrade of older supply that has current chassis (8"
Wx10"Dx4"H) is $400. This will increase soon, but the intro prices are as above.

I will update our website.


I am also very interested as an owner of a Modwright Sony 9100ES in this upgrdade (I only just missed receiving this tube rectified supply) as part of the initial order although not sure of the benefit given my other system components.