New power for my Nautilus 805's - Integrated Amps?

First, let me start by saying what a great resource Audiogon is for the those of us newer to the high end world.

Current set-up is paltry compared to most - but you have to start somewhere.

Yamaha DSP-A3090
Adcom GCD-750
MIT Terminator interconnects & speaker cables
B&W Nautilus 805's
Old Velodyne Sub

I purchased the 805's and the GCD-750 a few years back from Progressive Audio in Columbus, OH. While I would have loved stepping into the 803's, the 805's were in my budget and I didn't have the jack to buy decent gear to drive them properly. The DSP-A3090 is sufficient, but I am debating going to a higher end integrated or possibly seperates.

I have read a lot of positive reviews and comments about the Classe CAP-151 being a good match for the 805's. I am also looking at the Bel Canto eVo 2i. Both are in my price range of a max around $2000. I am also debating "finding" some extra money to perhaps stretch for a Levinson 383.

In addition to the amp upgrade I am looking into new power cords and other smaller $$ improvements that should help me enjoy the system more. It hasn't been used as much as I would have hoped the past 3-4 years - that needs to change.

Obviously hearing these would help but being transferred to Birmingham, Alabama hasn't helped me in the Hi-Fi department as few companies show any dealers in state. I guess Atlanta is my best bet? Any good dealers you Audiogon'rs could suggest. Wife and daughter are heading out of town in a week and I can see spending a weekend in the ATL listening to music quite refreshing!

I certainly welcome any comments about my thoughts on integrated v. seperates. The only seperate combo I am debating is a Adcom GFP-750 (great reviews) and a Bel Canto 200.2, Levinson 331 or lord konws what else.

Thanks again for taking the time!
How about a plinius 8200 mkII integrated. Sounds like it would fill the bill price and power wise! Can get them on gon for 1500-2000. I own one and enjoy it Know what you mean about audio in alabama, I live in montgomery and have to depend upon forums and reviews on net because of lack of any high end here also.
I would seriously consider the YBA Integre. 50 of the most glorioius SS watts out there. Used, can be done easily in your price range, with room to buy a pair of Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform stands for your 805s. You have no idea where your speakers can go until you place them atop these stands. I own their big brother. Before power cords, I'd go with the best you can do ICs from source to integrated. This is the beginning. Fasten your seatbelt and shine up your credit card. just my fwiw...peace, warren
Consider the Naim Nait 5i at $1350 new. I bought one 2 weeks ago to replace my Krell KRC-3 preamp and Mark Levinson 331 poweramp due to downsizing. I am most impressed with what I got for the money, especially when I used a good power cable. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

The Adcom GFP-750, based on my 1 year of ownership, is NOT as great as the reviews suggest. Be careful.
I think there's several dealers not far from you.One is in Florence Alabama and another in Huntsville.If he's still around there's a dealerAscent audio in Montgomery that carries Audio Physic, Totem Acoustic, Merlin Music Systems and Emminent Technology.He's also a dealer for Balanced Audio Technology, Ayre Acoustics, Quicksilver Audio, Plinius, Atma-Sphere OTL and Music Reference. I live on the border of Georgia and Alabama.There's also Sounds and Cinema Sound and cinema
near Roswell(basically ATL).Basically around the corner from these guys is Walter AKA Underwoodwally on Agon.Also there's Jim aka Alazurajim here on Agon.He is in Marietta Ga(basically ATL). Jim is a great guy no BS ..very down to earth.

Between these three guys you have Tannoy,Living Voice,Quad,Soliloquy,Gershman Acoustics,Spendor,Kirksaetter, Magnepan, Martin Logan,Silverline,Paradigm,Adcom,Pass Labs,Jolida,Eastern Electric,Cambridge,Cardas,Balanced Power,Music Hall,Marsh,Pioneer elite,Triangle,Shanling, Monitor Audio,B&K,Unison research,Jeff Rowland, Audible Illusions,Audio Research,Avalon acoustics,Aragon, Billy Bags,Lexicon,Magnum Dynalab, Niles, Energy,Klipsch Reference,Theta digital,Marantz and a bunch of others I can't remeber. There's atleast three others in and around the ATL that have Silverline audio,Classe,Rotel,Meadowlark,PSB,Levison,Krell,Carolina Audio,Cain and Cain Abbey,Theil,Antique Sound labs, JM Labs, Vienna Acoustics,Sonus Faber ,Revel and Omega single driver speakers.

I would say prepare to spend the weekend in the ATL.There's plenty to listen too.

Have Fun!!!
Atlanta shops I have experienced:

Audio Forest - JMlab, YBA, Audio Refinement, Simaudio, Rega etc.

Sound & Cinema - website linked in a msg above

Audio Alternative - Plinius, Meadowlark, VTL, Ayre, Rega, NAD, etc.

Have bought JMlab speakers from Audio Forest and a Plinius integrated from Audio Alternative. Both are highly recommended.

Good luck.
i have a friend that has a pair of 805...he uses a sim audio I-5 intergrated with unbelievable results. I myself am not a fan of b&w but the synergy with the i-5 is simply amazing. The I-5 is rated @ 70 wpc but is a ultra high current intergrated amp and has no problem with the 805 load. The amp impressed me so much i bought one and have never looked back
Classe Cap-151 would be a great match, also heard a Mac integrated with B%W , dont know the model number, sounded real good as well.
The plinius integrated would be a wonderful match,
For the used price SA100 plinius,and adcom gfp 750,
around $2400 budget, this combo will move you to,
onother level.
Thanks for the responses thus far - much appreciated.

@ Warrenh - I have the B&W stands for the speakers and have never heard them on anything but. Added sand to the hollow posts as suggested when I bought them.

Seems I need to look into the Plinius line. Being newer to this, there are almost too many options and brands I haven't heard much of.

I am looking at some of the cheaper power cords I have seen listed. Don't have the names handy - but probably in the $60-$100 range.

@ Gmood1 - Many thanks for all the info!!!

Again - thanks from a new 'goner in training!

// Jeff
Wound up with a Plinius 9200 - now time to break it in and enjoy a big step up in sound. Even fresh out of the box the lower end is much tighter and defined. The additional power (200@8) is well liked by the 805's