New Power Cords or stick with Tice PB

I have an original Tice Power Block. I'm considering selling it and purchasing new power cords and an Ultimate Outlet. Power cords would be PS Audio.

My system does sound better with the Power Block. I just dont't want this 60 lb beast on my audio rack anymore.

I think improving PC's would yield enough of a sonic benefit that I would not miss the Tice. Of course a home audition would prove this. Problem is I'd like to sell the Tice to pay for the PC's.

Any advice? Also what would a used Power Block go for in excellent condition.
Hi, an original version Tice PB would probably go for $400-$500 or so (only my guess). The used Power Block III B's are going for around $700-800 and that's a couple of generations later. Yet, the original Tice BP does most, maybe 80-90%, of what their later models do. I use a PB III C HP version. Not to discourage you, but I suspect you would need to shell out considerably more in PS Audio gear to achieve equivalent sonic benefits that those that would be lost be selling for PB. I'd be tempted to try a Wattgate 381 outlet for about $120 along with a Tice Solo A/V, which can be had for about $200-250 used, and maybe some Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cords (for $75 each new). It's all system dependent of course, but this would be a more balanced mix than one expensive 60 pound line conditioner.
Get one Absolute Power Cord--it's pretty much the best inexpensive cord out there. Also make yourself a couple of power cords (Bob Crump, Chris Venhaus) and start experimenting...
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