New Police remasters/SACD....

Venturing into a local shop...I noticed the new Police releases...however...only the "everybreath u take" comp had an SACD sticker on it...are the other albums SACD as well? and are they not noted on the outside packaging like the stones releases?
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I read over at AA that Best Buy has sale for Police sacd, I think it was $11.99.
anybody heard it yet? Good?
I just checked, there are seven albums out on sacd.
"Everybreath You Take" is a hybrid SACD, while the other titles are SACD only. It would be nice if the record companies would do a better job on labeling these discs. My brother-in-law saw the Rolling Stones SACDs in the store, but did not know for sure if they were, since the outside cover made no mention of the fact. Apparently, the companies are leaving it up to the consumer to know if they are or not. Not a good idea on a new format. Plan on picking up a few of the titles myself. Really looking forward though for "Dark Side of the Moon" at the end of the month.
DSOTM are you serious? Any other Floyd releases scheduled yet?
Mejames-DSOM is 30 this month and is released on SACD.
However I don't believe at this stage there are any other Floyd releases planned for SACD
"Every Breath..." is a hybrid SACD. The rest were released in separate SACD and remastered CD formats.
These SACD's set the standard for quality in the "Popular" genre. Only James Taylor's efforts can compare. The first two ("Outlandos" and "Regatta") are awe-inspiring. Universal did a phenomenal job with these. They actually put-them-out on the scheduled release date as well....
An update on my previous reply. Cbucki is correct. I went to Best Buy to purchase some to the Police only to find out that the original albums (not EBYT) has been re-released in both SACD and "remastered" formats. The SACD versions are stated such and also have the new round corner jewel cases.
Also found out the DSOTM has been moved to an April 1 release. Hope this doesn't turn into a joke.
The Police SACD's (with the exception of the Greatest Hits) are in the round corner jewel cases. The remastered redbook cd's are in digipack packaging. The Greatest Hits which is a hybrid SACD, is in a digipack packaging. The sound on the Greatest Hits is outstanding and will prompt me to buy others.
Are the new released (digipack CDs)an updated version from when they remastered the individual CDs in 1996? There are currently two version of the Police's indivudual CDs, a remastering from 1996 and (digipack) 25th anniversary remastering 2003. What is the difference?
I liked the 2 channel on the greatest hits, and also the CD layer, but I did't care for the surround mix at all. I found it very unnatural it really put me off. Are they going to put out Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity? I actually only have them on CASSETTE. The only cassette palyer I have is in my 1991 Dakota. However I prefer CCR and Skynyrd in the truck, with an occasional bit of P-Funk just to confuse folks.