New PMC i series?

I audition a set of PMC TB2+'s the other day and was impressed, really impressed actually. I would almost have bought them but now I see the "i" series is out but unfortunately there are none in stock yet where I live to listen too.

Has any one heard the new i series especially in the tb2 and is it really that much of an improvement over the already amazingly good + series?

I know its sometimes a strategy of all companies to so call "upgrade" their product so they can justify putting the price up. If this was the case I would just buy the + series and put the saved money into a better amp.
I have been struggling with the same issue with the OB1 vs OB1i. The general concensus I am getting from internet forums and emailing stores is that it is a noticable improvement. However I suppose it also gets down to how good your upstream equipment is.
Cool, anyone else?

Its interesting to note that PMC haven't followed suit and updated their black studio line of speaker. The dealer here says that the upgrades on the consumer speaker make them sound more "hifi" whatever that means?