New platinum eclipse 7 really better than previos

Wireworld has new a new platinum eclipse 7. Had anyone compared the previos Platinum interconnects to the newer 7 version? I have the older version and like to hear from anyone who has compared them. I will likey buy the new cables but it help to know if there's an improvment before I leap.
Why would you purchase newer cables without expecting an improvement? New and/or different models is the only way to stay in business so it isn't necessarily expected that every new model result in a sonically better product.
Well, yes your correct, I don't alway expect a real improvement, hence my reason for asking the question..

The Wireworld Platinum eclipse 6  v Platinum 7, both are first rate interconnects and will give lasting musical satisfaction long term I believe. Using my Cat Legend  pre, upgraded by Cat and the Sonyscd777es as a test component; my aural observations are as follows, straight out of the box the P6 sounded musical and very listenable improving with use; increases in clarity,transparency and dimensional followed with use. The P7 straight out of the box presented as somewhat edgy, analytical in presentation improving sonically after a period of extended use. I consider the P7 exhibiting cleaner and clearer textures and somewhat more revealing of musical details. I consider the P6 a little more musical than the P7, the P7 a little more revealing than the P6; I use both and both give great pleasure, a viable option is  the Mark Levinson red rose silver 1 a real sleeper. Soundbuff