New Pioneer Elite DVD soon w/Prog. Scan?

Is Pioneer coming out with any Elite models with progressive scan soon? I have a new Pioneer DV-05 which frequently skips a half second when changing tracks while playing CDs'. This is the second model that has had this problem. Since I can still return it, I can exchange it for Pioneers' new progressive scan model (non Elite) if it is as good as the DV-05 in audio quality as well as non- progressive scan component out when watching anamorphic DVDs'. If it is, I will trade over for it, and use the progressive scan feature in the future. If not, I will wait for an Elite model if it is coming out soon. I have owned a Panasonic A-310, Sony DVP-7700, Denon DVD-3000 and Yamaha DVD-7000 players. Unfortunately, I still prefer Pioneers' picture quality even though the Sony is far superior ergonomically. Any help will be most appreciated. Pioneers' customer service was not very helpful. Martin Butler [email protected]
From what I have read, it seems Pioneer does have an elite progressive scan unit coming - DV-08 I believe. No idea of the release date.
Hi JK, Do you recall where you might have read about this? Sounds promising.
Yes - the Pioneer wil have replacement for the DV-09 that will feature DVD Progressive, VCD, CD, and DVD-A. It will retail around $2200-$2,400. Another model, (currently called the AX-10) will be out at a limited production of only 500 units/month worldwide and will feature: DVD 480p, DVD-A, VCD, CD, CDR, CDR-w, and SACD and will have a much more rigid chasis and better DACs and electronics in general. Currently retail price in Japan is around $4,500.00 but is expected to be between $3,500-$4,3000 in the US. You can look it up at the Pioneer, Japan website at: Just click on "ENGLISH" at the top right hand corner. Your success, Elbert
Elbert, thanks for the info, i'll check into that tomorrow. Guess I better start saving!