New Peter Gabriel CD

Has anyone heard the new Peter Gabriel CD of covers? I've only heard the cover of a Lou Reed song and it sounded great, both the song and the recording ( on my car stereo).
Excellent. Can also recommend a band from Manchester UK called Elbow. Sound identical to vintage Peter.
there are some podcasts on his site that are interesting. he goes through each song, explains some of the process and they play segments. interesting stuff and brilliant, creative arrangements.
It's a great CD. His cover of The Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage" is absolutely epic.
It's called "Scratch My Back", quite dark and haunting.Only Peter and orchestral backing.Big sounds as you'd expect from the orchestra . Tests out a decent system.Recommended if your a Gabreil fan.
It's an excellent cd, great sound quality. 2nd the thumbs up to the My Body Is A Cage - amazing!!
My dad usually listen to this kind of music, and i can say This man has one of the best male singing voices in history.
Love the Sledgehammer video.