New Peachtree Nova 125, enough for the Gallo 3.1s?

Anyone tend to think the new Peachtree Nova 125 would have enough guts to really play out the Gallos bottom woofers? I am currently using some class D amps but itching for something integrated and this seems like a bargain with the addition of the DAC. Here is the specs for the amp...

DAC: ESS Sabre 9023
Resolution: MP3,16/44.1,16/48,
24/88, 24/96, 24/176, 24/192
USB: Asynchronous up to 24/192
Optical: Up to 24/96
Coax: Up to 24/192
Tube: 6N1P
Pre-out Impedance: 50 Ω
S/N: 96dB
Jitter: <3ps measured at master clock
Separation: 94dB
Power Output: 125 watts per channel 8Ω,
200 watts per channel 4Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz + .5dB
Gain: 24dB
Dynamic Range: 121dB
Sensitivity: 1.2v
Input Impedance: 50k Ω
Output Impedance: 18mΩ
Minimum Load: 2 Ω
Damping Factor: >1000 (100Hz 8Ω)
Max Output Current: 30A
Channel Tracking: <+ 0.2dB
Crosstalk: >90dB 20Hz-20kHz
Max Power Consumption: 600 watts
Standby Power Consumption: < 1 watt
Dimensions: 4.37 x 14.8 x 11.5 (inches)
Weight: 21.56lbs, 9.8kg
Finishes: High Gloss Black, Cherry, Rosewood
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor, 6 Mo. Tube
IMO it would be hard to believe that the NOVA 125 would have a good enough power supply on board to really get your woofers going. I can't imagine it would sound bad, but I believe you would be selling your Gallos short. What kind of class D amp are you using? I too have wondered what a lot of the Peachtree Audio products could do. In a perfect world you could a/b them and see. Good luck. Is there a Peachtree Audio dealer in your area?