New Peachtree Buzzing

I picked up a Peachtree Nova 150. I love the look and sound. It's powering a pair of Neat Iota speakers for my computer. I also plan to eventually add a turntable and sonos connect. 

When I plug in the unit and power it up I get a buzz that my phone measures at 8.4kHz. I went back to the dealer and their floor model does this as well. I'm in the process of exchanging the amp with Peachtree. 

I guess my question is... Do these switch mode power supplies frequently do this? I recall in CRT days being driven crazy by the high pitch whine/buzz. Since the amp is 2.5" from me should I just be looking for a big toroidal type power supply? Or is it a fluke that 2 of 2 units had this and I should continue with the Peachtree. 

I was considering Marantz HD-amp1 but I'm concerned about power output for my not overly sensitive speakers should I ever move the setup to a larger room. 

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Is it just a quick "fuzzy" sound from the speakers? I got the Nova150 on Friday and noticed a sound when powering on or powering off. I contacted Peachtree directly and they said it is normal for the sound at those times.  Once the amp is powered on, it is dead quiet.  I am really enjoying it. 

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The noise came from the device and not from the speakers. Mine made the noise powering on and off, but then the high frequency sound would continue through use. My ears never seemed to get used to it an attenuate it. There was a relief when I turned it off. I have a homemade flexy rack and the device sits about 3 feet from me. My guess is that at a 10 ft or more listening distance it wouldn't be an issue.

I really do think there was just something wrong with it. I brought the device into Needle Doctor (my local dealer) and tested it on one of their outlets and it did the same thing so I'm guessing it isn't an electricity issue.

The Needle Doctor was really cool and said they'd be flexible with the 30-day return/exchange window so that I could continue to work with Peachtree.

Peachtree was also very awesome in the process and I have a new unit on the way. It should be here tomorrow. I'm hoping all goes well.

I have nothing but good things to say about both companies and regardless of what I end up with I recommend both of them.
It might be DC offset from your ac line. Unfortunately it is tough to prove unless you have a good filter you could try. 
I was reading about that. I guess that because it did the same at the dealer, I assumed it wasn't line voltage issue. 

Any ideas on troubleshooting/fixes for this? 
Just to update everything here. The new amplifier arrived and does not have the same buzz/whine that the other one did. I can hear it running, but I can hear all the other electronics in my office as well. I may have a tiny DC offset or something and I'm going to try the Emotiva cmx-2. The new unit is basically perfect for my needs.

Again, I want to thank Peachtree for the awesome customer support and Needle Doctor for letting me work with Peachtree without worry about return window. I highly recommend both.

I'm just hoping that I don't get the upgrade bug that seems to hit everyone else on the forums. :)
Glad to hear the issue has been rectified.  I hear you on the "upgrade bug" as it hits me every 6 months or so.  I really like the Peachtree right now, but who knows how I will feel in 6 months...? :)
CMX-2 will provide good piece of mind and may even clean up the ac line for you. 
Well, luckily I feel as though I got the best speakers I could get for a desktop application and the amp sounds great.