New Pass Labs Xs amps

Did anyone hear these at CES? How do they sound different from the XA.5 series?
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I did hear them at CES, and like every Pass amp at CES, they sounded wonderful. According to the Pass representative at the show, Nelson was getting some special sound out of the latest generation of First Watt amps that they wanted to capture on the new series.

Also, dealers were asking for "more expensive amps." Notice they were not asking for "better sounding amps." That is the sad state of the hobby.
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How do they sound different from the XA.5 series?

More expensive.
The New Audiogon does not allow direct email and I don't see your # listed in your post. How should I contact you and why don't you want to post information on the forum?

Thanks for that. Is there some hidden meaning to your words? How does "More expensive" sound?
I get it now. It was a joke, right? Good one.
It appears as though the Xs series has separate power supplies. Does anyone know if the Xs series will have the rumoured exclusive output devices that Pass has acquired?
The XS-300 monoblocs go for $85k per pair.

When mfgs price amps at such rarified prices, can anyone estimate how many sets per year they can expect to sell? It seems at those prices that they would probably be made to order. Will dealers stock such an item?

With an item this big, heavy and an in-home audition out of the question?
At those prices, you absolutely should be able to get a home audition. And if it doesn't gel in your system, they should be able to modify the price until it meets your expensiveness criteria, no matter how much that costs:)
Got an extended audition today of the XS300's. The most grain free, open and absolutely controlled sound I have yet experienced. They are new classics and I dare say worth every penny of the asking price. I have also heard the XA200.5's. These amps beat them in every way. Other amp manufacturers have a big mountain to climb attempting to best these babies.
When you write that the XS beats the XA in every way, could you please elaborate? What was in the rest of the system? Thanks.
Based on what a friend said the sound of the XS was a huge step up in control and three dimensionality over the XA 100.5s. Never heard them myself. The bass is supposed to be immensely improved as well. This was on top of the line Avalon speakers but I don't know what. But for $85K they better sound great. But I wonder how it would sound on a more efficient speaker compared to the XA100.5s.