New Pass Labs X.5 series versus previous X series

Pass Labs is in the process of re-dedesigning their entire X series into the new X.5 series. As of this writing X150.5, X250.5 and possibly X350.5 are already shipping. The X600.5 are expected to start shipping early in the new year. This thread is to discuss experiences with the new amps, their sound signature, perceivable improvements over the old series, and of course dissenting opinions. Everyone's perspective is welcome--X and X.5 owners, X.5 window shoppers, Dealers, and all other audiogoners with a passion for affect by the bug of audiophilia.
Hi, I'm wondering the real differences between the x600 vs the x600.5. With quite a bit of price difference, can anyone tell me if the x600.5 is worth the extra $$$. Thanks all.
Pass Labs is introducing a new series of amps, dubbed the XA.5 series. Some initial details on three of these amps have been posted on the Pass labs site in the last few days: XA330.5, XA60.5 and XA100.5. They seem to differ from the original XA series in that power doubles into 4 Ohms and input impedance has been raised to 30KOhms. See:
If anyone has any further info or listening experiences, please do post them here.
Hey Guidocorona,
I am currently using the 350.5's with my Wilson 5.1 speakers and they are doing a great job. I have been wondering about the Magico system 6 but I'll have to save some pennies. The 350.5 vs. the 600.5 well I'm not one for monster trucks but I do like Cadillacs especially the STS so hmmm.... how do I quantify the performance? Pass makes awesome ballsy amplifiers. along with my Watt 5.1's and my MIT Oracle V2.1 I feel that I have amassed a great set of gear. But as all audiophiles know technology marches on and I am curious about the Watt 8's. I am also curious about MIT's new Dot 2 upgrade. I'd like to know if anybody has heard a similar set-up? Any way I feel like I 'm rambling about my gear which always seems to be on my mind. I always seem to hear the words of grandfather in my head when I think about getting new stuff. He always said, "Better is always the enemy of good enough", True but what the hell.