New Pass Labs 250.8 - Jan 2014

I did a little research and found out a little more refined version of the 250.5
Will be out ,the .8. It is a little different style including the meter style
It has a bit more lock on imaging ,and refinement top to bottom
Retail around $9,500 the current model is still very good.
If you have money to blow,or were looking for one new this is the one.
Will the 350.5 gets face lift ? Not sure there. Just to let others know.
I'm sure all of the .5 series amps will become .8 series amps in time. Probably even the XA series of class A amps.
Yes, the cat is out of the bag. Not a huge fan of the new look of the Xs and .8, so I'll be keeping my XA30.5 until the next iteration. I'm sure it'll be an improvement in sonics, but the aesthetics matter to me too.
Looks like a radiator and pressure gauge, but maybe in person they will look better.
But I guess Pass Class A amps have always been accused of being radiators, so go with the flow ;-)
Can you post the link to where you found the information?

pictures please!!!
post pics!
To be honnest; I do not like the looks so much.

If they make a higher level, I want a more expensive looks. Not a cheaper look!! Better sound quality is nice, but good looks is also a nice bonus!!
Guess it's time to upgrade again. If indeed the technology from the XS line is trickling down for a 20% price increase and 50% performance gain, it could be a pretty good value. Time and listening will tell.
Cool, I'm glad I waited before upgrading to a Pass Labs amp. I can't wait to hear them (providing they have them on active display) at CES!
It is Always nice to hear about new amps. Better value for money is a good thing!!
I traded-in my 250.5 for the 250.8, which now matches my other Pass front end components. Big increase in soundstage, timbre, air, treble, midrange and bass. Up til then, I thought the 250.5 to be very, very good. But the .8 is something special.
What kind of trade-in value did you get for the .5? I hope you didn't pay full pop.