New Pass Amps?

Did anyone notice the stack of amps at the Pass Labs CES room? The photos by Albert Porter of the entrance to the Pass suite show a stack on the left of what look like a whole new amplifier design.
They were Nelson Pass's personal amps, they were dual chassis mon-blocks, 100 Watts per side and they each draw something obscene like 80 Amps from the wall! They had brought two of those stacks to bi-amp the new speakers but due to the limited power available in the rooms decided to singly amp them and put the other pair in the entranceway.

Word is they are not planned to ever be produced.

Must be some crazy class A amps to draw that much current!

Goes to show one of the most famous amp designers still prefer class A.
Looks like Mr Pass is saying what's good enough for the rest of us isn't good enough for him.
Or that what's good enough for Nelson Pass isn't feasible or responsible to produce as a consumer/production item.

Call Pass and offer the boss $250K for his personal set up and I'll bet the amps become "available."

Given Nelson Pass' reputation for tweakery, I'd be shocked if he had nothing but stock componentry in his personal system(s).
This is fine with me.
Anything Nelson Pass works with can materialize for the market, later.
My First Watt J2 arrived this week.
I'll hook it up today.
This is why I LOVE Audiogon. Ask an intriguing question (to some at least) and get a pretty quick answer. I like their look. The faceplate better matches the XP series and probably costs less to produce than the XA.5 faceplate. 80 Amps of current, WOW. Thank you for the responses. Peter