New Pass amp X250.8

Just a quick shout out to all. Just received the AMP of my dreams (not checkbook ones though) The rest of my system is terminated with middle of the road and aftermarket Power Cords. Cullen Crossover 2, Wire world Electra solid OCC core, and Anti-Cables 3 I believe. Very nice system, even nicer now! Will probably never spend more than $400 for a one meter cable (that all the length I need) It will terminate into a dedicated 20 amp circuit with 15 amp receptacle, another words a standard plug. System is somewhat neutral, to somewhat mildly warm.  I had tried the OCC type as someone told me it was a better cable design????? (Wireworld Electra)  I'm really happy with most ewverything, just needing to finish the new Amp with a Good cable.  You guys have helped me several times in the past, Thanks, Robert TN




Nice score! Live with the Amp in your room and system for a few months. Acclimate your ear/brain. Then, seek out Power Cord (PC) auditions. I can vouch for the Wireworld Electra 7 PC. The Silver Electra 7 is very nice as well.

What other gear and cabling is in your system?

Happy Listening!

Congrats on the X250.8!

For power cords, try TWL Seven Plus (used under $400) - open and fast sounding cable. Or Acoustic Zen Krakatoa (should be between $400-$500) - a bit warmer than the TWL. 

@robshaw - Take a look at cables from

  • Audio envy
  • Zavfino

They both have cables in your snack bracket

However, the Pass Labs amp has an exceptional power supply, so you might need one of the higher end products from Zavfino to hear the more subtle nuances that Pass Labs are well known for

Start with cables that employ OCC copper

Also, as @jafant posted - take time to acclimate your ears and break in the amp

- I would estimate 300-400 hours

Regards - Steve


I was under the impression that Pass doesn’t recommend different power cords for their amps than the ones they provide?

@stereo5 a very common and incorrect impression based on the misinterpreted statement from a Pass Labs component manual. Putting this to bed.
Here’s that section verbatim…

Power Cords: Pass Labs provides a power supply cord that meets all legislated requirements for the market in which the product was originally sold. If you choose to substitute an aftermarket product we urge you to choose one that is fully safety rated by the necessary local authority.

In my experience, Pass Labs amps and preamps react to power cord changes exactly the same way as most other components do provided your system possesses the necessary resolving power, your room acoustics are up to the task and your ears are trained to hear these changes. 

Thanks to all for your help. First I believe the suggestions for burn in are spot on, it will take me a while to achieve those numbers!!

For those that are interested, I listen to strictly R&R, about 90db, via steaming with Qobuz and CD's.    Pass X250.8, Benchmark LA-4 line amp, Project Rs2T transport, LTA LPS for Transport, Meitner MA-1 V2 DAC , Tekton DI upgraded, SVS SB 4000 sub,  most cables Blue jeans, nothing REAL high end.  Acoustics in my large shop are wonderful, just lucky there!! speakers are about 12' apart listening  distance about 15' GREAT SOUNDSTAGE. Only about 125 hrs on AMP so far. Thanks again to all. I appreciate the education!!!   Robert TN

Very happy with WyWires Platinum Juice II HC. Used is double what you’re looking to spend, so look at the Silver Juice II HC. Not to the level of the Platinum Series but it’s still a great cable and with Alex’s 40% sale you can probably buy a new cord. I started with the Juice II, then Juice II HC, then Platinum II HC on my X250. The HC is the high current version which you’ll want on your Pass. What I heard going from the stock cord, lower/medium Shunyata’s, Kimber’s, and few others is more open or extended, wider/deeper stage due to a lower noice floor. Really opens up the Pass and adds some lower slam on my Wilsons. They pop up on the used market but often move fast so if one shows up you might need to move fast. Great cables.

Try risk free a NRG The Five power cable from Canada. I stumbled on them and they have transformed my system by reducing all noise on the AC lines. High-Fidelity | Audiophile | NRG Custom Cables | Home Audio | Canada

Pass did say something like a good amplifier has a transformer that will keep the power stable, clean and consistent so with his equipment I doubt your going to hear a difference changing out the original.