New Paradigm Persona Update Coming Soon?

I'm eyeing some Paradigm Persona 7F speakers but I probably won't be able to pull the trigger until early next year. However by then the Persona series will be >5 years on the market and I fear that there may be a new Persona update coming soon. This is compounded by the changes in both leadership at Paradigm and in their latest Founders series speakers. There are some radical changes in those speakers that even the Persona series don't have (e.g. tweeter waveguide and updates to the woofer surrounds). It makes me think that a Persona v2 update may be in the cards soon to incorporate some of the latest design. 

Obviously Paradigm has a history of multiple updates to their lines (5 Studio versions, 3 Signature versions, 9 monitor versions). Has anyone heard anything concreate on a new Persona update? What is the liklihood of that happening in the next 1-2 years?

Ok. Thanks for the feedback guys. I know Paradigm has a history of multiple versions for their speaker lines and again with the new management and new technologies being employed, I would not be surprised to see updates to the Persona. It's a hefty investment clearly and I would hate to pull the trigger to have a new line come within a year. Of course the current line may be better for me, but I would want to at least consider and evaluate any new lines for myself. 

My thought is if there is no word on this by end of the year after CEDIA and the various audio shows worldwide, then I'll probably pull the trigger early next year. 
I traded the 7f for the kef blade last month(bucket list) and they're both so good, their qualities are very similar regarding transparency, bass detail, the 7f goes a bit deeper while the blades have more output. The biggest difference is the soundstage, the personas have a tight small soundstage that's captivating while the blades do the same level of detail in a larger space. 

My point is the persona 7f doesn't come up very often because they're endgame speakers and if you have a dealer that knows how to set them up I wouldn't worry about a next gen making them obsolete.