New OS/X music player Audirvana

My friends, in case you are unaware of, there is a new open-source OS/X music player available. It is called Audirvana. I have tried it yesterday. It is a very simply player. It doesn't integrate with iTunes so its GUI isn't that easy to use. But sound-wise, IMHO, it is stunning - very organic and analog like, far better than Pure Music that I have been using in the past year. Check it out. It is free.
Thanks for the post. I'll give it a try tonight.
I gave it a try last week and I found that it still lacks quite a bit of functionality. Still, it does sound good. Another great player and one specifically meant for audiophiles, it is free and allows the software to completely take control of the stream and load all data into memory is Ayrewave by the gent who created Max, Play and a myriad of other free software.

One can find it at his site:

Thus far, I find this to be the best streamlined player for the Mac. I've tried them all from the pro megabucks apps to every permutation of running linux or Windows-based software via emulation or VM, and I think the native use of AyreWave with its features marks it at the top for now.
I've been running Audionirvana all night and like it so far. It runs smooth so far for me.