New Ortophon Tonearms?

Anyone out there have any impressions of the AS or RS series Ortophon tonearms? Always contemplating upgrades and I haven't seen much press on these.

If so, any thoughts about using on a suspended table, or compatibilty with my Sota?
Sorry, I guess thats spelled "Ortofon".
I can highly recommend the Ortofon RS-212D, which I have on my suspended Merrill-Scillia MS2 TT. Great value for the money. I also like the option of a detachable headshell for fast switching of cartridges.
I use the longer RS 309D on my TW accustic Raven one. It's beautifully made and great sound, good base, great tracker. I would say one of the best value arms around. As you say, you hear very little about them
I went to the Munich HighEnd show this year and the Ortofon tonearms were obviously popular in Germany, especially with Raven One. Sounded great in my opinion. My guess is they are great value for money (I have not owned one, not used one over time, but they certainly didn't ruin the sound where I listened to them).
I have an Ortofon AS-309s with an Ortofon Jubilee on my Raven AC and I really like it. I'm also using a Dynavector XV-1s on a Graham Phantom the sound is very very close. The Dyna/Phantom combo is more dynamic, bigger soundstage but we're not talking night and day here, particularly for the price difference. The VTA adjustment on the Ortofon is crude compared to the Graham but other than that, its' really good IMHO.
Like Bhoage, I have the Phantom and AS-309S on my Raven AC-3 and heartily agree with his assessment.

The AS-309s has a great relaxed feel to the way it plays music and is a great tracker. AS Vtvu said, the detachable headshell is great.

I just got a SPU classic GM-E and it is playing wonderfully beautiful music
Thanks for the responses. Any reason not to use on a suspended table?

I can't see why not. Overall the AS309-S is lighter than the Phantom I have. Phantom's are used all the time on SOTA's, so it should not be a problem.

Not sure if adding a 30 gm SPU to the equation would not cause any issues thou, but again I doubt it.
Dear Grimace: Like other people already posted I don't think there is a problem between that tonearm and your Sota TT.

Maybe what you have to ask is if that tonearm is a good match to your current cartridge.
If you read the other posts the ortofon tonearm owners own a very different quality cartridge level that the one you own, unfortunately I don't have experience with that Audio technica cartrdige so I can't be sure about.

Btw, IMHO say that that tonearm is a good tracker is almost a misunderstood because it is the cartridge the one that it is a good or bad tracker and always dependent on the matching with the right tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Well, I'm not neccesarily planning on keeping the cartridge forever either. I keep a running list of equipment that I'd like to have in my system someday. If I were to upgrade the arm, naturally I'd want to contemplate a cartridge shortly thereafter. (this really is an upgrade disease that I'm sure we're all familiar with)
Well, if you're looking at it as part of an upgrade path then I suppose Downunder and I would be good indicators that you can go pretty far with this arm. So from that perspective I suppose it's a good option.

looking at your turntable, I don't think the 12 inch version is going to fit. You need at least 311 mm for tonearm pivot to to spindle. Whereas the 9 inch version fit fine with pivot to spindle of 214mm. I would double check with SOTA.

BTW, the AT OC9 sounds wonderful with the Ortofon arm. I own the OC9 (Lryalike) and it is a very detailed cartidge with a nice tight bass, at the price it is very good. Coupled with the ortofon arm just relaxes the cartridge a little to show it at its best.
Downunder, you are correct, a 12-inch is out of the question on this table. The AS and RS series both come in 9-inch versions.
Just bumping this thread up...I am about to get my RS-212D in a couple weeks. Anyone own that arm? Impressions? Tips?