New Orleans, La.

I am looking for any other music lovers into hi-end audio in this area.
I used to be in the New Orleans Audio Club, but live too far away now.

Try contacting "robert_krist [at] yahoo [dot] com". Robert is the club president. If that doesn't work, call National Television on Jefferson Highway and tell 'em Duke sent ya. Richard at National fixes our expensive toys when we break 'em (or delivers the bad news if they're beyond hope).

There's a club meeting coming up on Thursday May 31st.

Always on the last Thursday of the month starting @ 7PM.
Host location is delivered via email early in the month.
I will not be able to make June's meeting, but can make July's.
Let me know how your club is managing- Post Katrina?

As you might expect things are a little slow at times, because of work I have not made it to any meetings yet. We are still here and communicating with each other.
Hi. I live on the Westbank and probably know many of the same people y'all do. Here's my system:

TT: Pro-Ject One Expression w/Grado G-1 & Bellari VP129,
CD: Sherwood Newcastle SD-860
DAC: Audio Alchemy DDE v3.0 w/Power Station Three
AMP: Eico HF-86
SPK: Dahlquist DQ-28
CABLING: KnuKonceptz, Analysis Plus, MIT, van den Hul, Monster Cable

Happy listening!
I am in Hahnville (Luling/Boutte). 35 years old. Have JM Lab Alto Utopia/Mac amps/Nordost/Simaudio Supernova/RG Power Company/Loaded VPI Scoutmaster/Argo i.

Concert begins nightly at 7 pm.
I have not been to a meeting of audio club yet.
Anyone is welcome to listen to mine-give me a couple of days heads up.

Pepe Lafourcade
I met a very nice Dutch couple yesterday who are having a moving sale. The gentleman has about twenty classical LP's for sale very cheap; most are in near-new condition. If interested, please e-mail him at or call him at 504-341-3772. Thanks!
I am in Slidell.
My system is:
Speakers: Spendor S8e
Integrated: Dk Design MkII w/h Amperex tubes
Cd: YBA Integre'- Upgrading soon
Speak Cables: Soundstrings/ soundstring jumpers
PC: Soundstring, and furutech dyi PC for amp

live in lake charles looking for a possible club around here.
Looking for an update, is there any audio club in N.O. now?
I have contacted 5 guys that are all interested in getting together a couple of times a month---Hahnville-Metairie-Gray-Tibideaux-New Orleans. None of us are part of the supposed audio club of N.O. My home is open 7 days a week outside of a normal 40 hour work week. Anyone in the area is free to contact me via email or cell...504-906-6854.

Pepe Lafourcade

are you guys meeting for any audio club fun? Just looking for an update.
Jafant, call my cell at 504-906-6854.
I am thinking about buying a pair of T1's in the next few months but was hoping to try a pair on first. I have heard they can be a bit tight, which concerns me. I don't want to spend that much money on a pair of uncomfortable cans. If anyone has a pair I could borrow, or knows a store in the area that sells them, I would appreciate it.


How far outside New Orleans are you? I'd love to hear your system. Thanks.


are you guys doing anything in the way of an Audio Club there in New Orleans?

I have sold off all of my big gear, and have a headphone rig now. I have been trying to see if people in the area are interested in a headphone meet but haven't found much interest. My name is TruBrew over at Head-Fi
Any Audio Club action going on there in the N.O. / Baton Rouge area(s)?
Go to yahoo and look up Big Boys Audio Club.
Call me at 504-906-6854.
Yes, we meet roughly every month to 6 weeks
Bbats - big boys audio toys
I live uptown new Orleans. Is anyone still active with Hi-Fi group in or around New Orleans?

Are there any groups available in New Orleans as the post here are so old?
Same group
Same el presidente

See the initial posts
We have a group that meets regularly--usually at my place.
my cell # is still the same as above...504-906-6854

Feel free to contact me for details...

BBAT's is still having meetings roughly ever month or so on a Thursday Night usually.. To contact try going to yahoo groups and find our group..

what is the name of your Audio club?
Do any of you guys know what happend to Valentino Home Entertainment in Baton Rogue? Operated by Jay Valentino.
yes Jsman, what is the name of the club? I'd love to meet up with other audiophiles in new orleans. cant find any info online about bbat's or any other club...