New Order fans?

New Order just celebrated the 40th anniversary release of their first album Movement. I'm hoping to see them next year on the Unity Tour with Pet Shop Boys.  Are there any New Order fans on Audiogon or am I the only one? If so, what's your fav album/song? 


They were in the "second" wave of electronic music for me(after Eno, Kraftwerk) and they are pioneers in club music.  I remember Blue Monday.  My friend at the record store did not like it.  He said "sounds like a stack of quarters stacked on the rhythm machine" 

I like Power Corruption and Lies and the Republic album.  But have listened to most albums.

@daledeee1 Great album! I bought the 12" of Blue Monday after I heard it one night. The vinyl looks like a giant 12" floppy disc--I think its still the best selling 12" of all time. Technique is my fav--Vanishing Point is an awesome song. 

I've got that 12" of Blue Monday, too! I like New Order, but I liked Joy Division better.... 


Me too.

For me the Joy Division / New Order is a bit like the The Beatles / solo years.

Whichever way I look at it, it’s a bit of a come down.


Temptation was a great single though.

The falling out between Hooky and Barney, not so great.

I still don’t understand it, but Peter Hook always comes across as a great bloke.


Substance 1987, all tracks

Agreed OP. Technique, Vanishing Point


@dabel Yes! Substance is a great album---Perfect Kiss! 

Vanishing point for me as well, all day and all night!

@cd318 - Have you ever seen Peter Hook and the Light? I've seen them a couple of times - the last one seemed like it was 6 or 7 years ago, and Hooky's son was up there playing bass as well - hearing JD songs with 2 wonderful bassists was a terrific experience!! And Hooky was very good at sounding like Ian on his vocals, too!



I caught their one-off show online a short while back.

I began watching tentatively and was surprised to find myself soon gripped and immersed in the music.

What could easily have been an embarrassment ended up being a spectacular.

Real life affirming stuff from Hooky.

NO just played the O2 arena in London last week---it should still be available for streaming I believe. Would have loved to have seen that show!!

Yes - Substance came out while at University and sort of discovered them thru MTV and the show 120 Minutes. Went back and listened to Joy Division as well. 

Has anyone scene the movie "24 Hour Party People" - fun stuff in that film.

As far as live - New Order did not do it for me live. I felt they were a great studio band but live was just a bit of a mess. It was like Bernard Sumner did not take it seriously.  The random cat call whistles in various songs thru me off.

Peter Hook is great - an icon with a unique sound and approach. Cool stuff. 

BTW, the lush and full bodied True Faith is a masterpiece. Really struck a chord with me.

@dvddesigner ,

24 Hour Party People might be the best thing Steve Coogan has done. Ok, his Stan Laurel was pretty good too!

Anyway, the late Tony Wilson is still much missed.

Perhaps he was the nearest thing we had to a maverick British version of the great Joe Boyd.

The back story of Joy Division/New Order is certainly a fascinating one.

It has to be with characters such as Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and eccentric producer Martin Hannett amongst the cast.

I can remember clubbing in the '80s and when Bizarre Love Triangle started playing, the dance floor would get packed. A timeless classic. One of the first NO songs I ever heard was Confusion.

I’d like to know some of your thoughts and opinions are of, Waiting for The Sirens’ Call.

ENGLANDneworder, world in motion... Maxi-Single