New or used tube amp for $1,200

I'm considering Jolida 502p but was wondering if a used amp would be a better choice. I see that PrimaLuna and others (all used) are in this price range. I know nothing about tubes and noticed PrimaLuna is auto biasing. Is that useful? The rest of the system: JM Labs Daline 3.1, Jolida 5t preamp, Moon 100d Dac and Airport Express. Thanks very much for any advice.
A much smarter purchase would be a used pair of Quicksilver 90 watt monos.
At that price point you can get a NEW great sounding amp from Jim Nicholls at JWN amps. All his amps are autobiasing and accept virtually and type power tube. I seriously doubt you'll do any better used
Jim Nicholls, JWN amps? Never heard of him. Will he be there when you need service? I did find an expired ad for a 50 watt stereo amp that sold for $2100 new, but nobody bought it. I guess JWN doesn't have very good resale. How do you compare that with 90 watt monos that are built like a tank with point to point wiring from a company known for quality and first rate customer service?
Hi Hugo1

I find the Jolida JD-502P very enjoyable. At your budget you can buy one new have it modded by Jolida of MD and also get a quad of Tung Sol KT-120 tubes for it.

Rrog makes a good point about service and support. I have read that Quicksilver's support is good. I've also dealt with Jolida and my local Jolida dealer and there is good support for the product lines as well.

Have you looked at Will Vincent's rebuilt Dynaco amps or the Bob Latino Dynaco kits? They are around your budget as well. They look really nice and there is support for them too.

Good luck in the search.
Jim backs all his work with a liftime warranty and provides incredible value for the money, here's a review of one of his amps from Lynn olson at Positive Feedback Online his amps play with the big boys
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