New or Used Speakers for Simaudio I-3 Integrated

Hi there, fellow Audiogoners...

I like my current set up:

Simaudio I-3 (100 wpc) > Analysis Plus Oval 12 > Totem Rainmaker with the following sources:

Sony DVP-S770 > Simaudio 100D DAC and Audirvana + > ifi Micro iDSD

However, I'm moving from my apartment to a house and I'd like to upgrade my speakers for floorstanders as I'll be able to listen at more realistic levels without bothering the neighbors.  My new music room will be 12x14 with a carpeted floor and 8' ceiling. I'll have acoustic foam on the walls behind the speakers.  I've searched the forums the last few days and looked at a couple of my previous posts to review good advice I've gotten in the past.  My budget is $1500 and I'm not planning to sell the Rainmakers to raise additional funds.  I'll use them for my 2.1 HT system.  

Here's my list so far:

- Vandersteen 1Ci $1249 (I used to own the 1B about 15 years ago and liked them with my Carver M-500T at the time (250 wpc) dealer close to me in Portland, Oregon but could order them from Music Direct.
- Tekton Lore $ way to audition.
-B&W 683 S2...heard these before, but no real memory.  Could "in-home" them from BB, but $1650 is a touch over budget.
- KEF Q700 $1000 (1 pr available locally).  These were one of my finalists last go around until I heard the Rainmakers.
- Focal Chorus 727 $900 (also new from A4L)..only interested because they're half-off new and I've heard their similar bookshelf speakers.  Oddly, these only spec down to 49hz and my Rainmakers are 42hz on the low end.

I haven't considered anything used, yet.  I listen to just about every genre but mainly female vocals, hard bop and rock. That said, I'd really like this system to be able to rock.  I'm leaning toward the Vandersteen's, but I worry that my room's not big enough to get them out in the middle where they need to be.  I know that I should wait and listen to the Rainmakers in the new room, but I'm probably not going to do that. :-)

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

There is a pair of Spendor S5E’s listed here for $880. Those should fit the bill!
I had the Rainmakers, 11X16 room. I thought they were great, though a bit of a slump in the midrange, and the bass is bumped up to get that low.

I was running them with either a Sansui AU-717 or a Yaqin 100b (KT-88 push pull tube).
I decided to listen to new speakers, never a good idea ;).

Local dealer had the totems and a few other brands. They also were powering them with a Simaudio integrated.
The Rainmakers sounded great but when he swapped in a pair of Focal 1008be2's everything changed. Luckily they were on a moving/demo sale. I sold my rainmakers immediately. There was more resolution, coherency, accurate bass. They are just so much better. They also list at around $4500. 

My point. Listen to the Rainmakers in your new room. To get anything appreciably better you're going to have to raise your budget. The Rainmakers list at about your $1500 budget, they are wonderful speakers and I truly enjoyed mine. 
I have a pair of the Vandersteen 1b's doing TV/home theater duty they do need room but remember that the whole speaker is larger than the actual drivers so they're a bit misleading in their size. You could probably get them used for about half of your budget.

In fact I would look at used or demo models in you area.

I got a pair of the Focal chorus 714's for another room and although really good they don't have the resolution of the Rainmakers. It isn't till you get into the Electra, Sopra, or Ultra line of the vocals do you really get the true focal sound (just my opinion).

Also remember floostanders are harder to place to get everything right, compared to stand mounted and sub woofers.

good luck and keep us posted.

great advice MDR...thanks for taking the time to write.  Great point on needing to spend a lot more to surpass the Rainmakers.  I really don't want to spend the money on a lateral move.
Get the Model 1's. A new pair with your current amp will be a huge upgrade from the ones you had in your old system. For the money, you can't do better.
ProAc studio 148s. ProAc recently discontinued these and many thought they encrouched on their reference line too much as they share the same tweeters and have a deep room compressing bass with a flexible placement 2.5 bottom port design. All that with the great ProAc midrange every knows. I love them with my audio refinement (yba) separates and some SEV9 soundocity outriggers. 
Given the speakers you have, the budget you have for a replacement, and the size of the room you are going to place your system, I would make the move 1st. Get to know the sonics of your new environment with the system you are familiar with then make adjustments. If this new room is dedicated as a music room then you have greater options for room treatment.