New or used cartridge

I have have good experiences buying a previously owned cart in the past, but have heard several telling me to buy new..  I wish there was a way, to tell how many hours was on a used cart.  Other than putting the cantilever under a microscope,  I see no way concerning the hours/use/condition of a used cart..  I kinda look at it as buying a used car.  Let someone else take the initial "hit". then buy from them, as they're moving over or up.  I have an excellent Koetsu Urushi Black I'm going to put up for sale.  I love it's sound, but am wanting to move up the ladder so to speak.
Please give me opinions concerning this.
Buy from a trusted source. I done so and have had good luck. When all goes right you can get a tremendous value. I've done so and enjoyed the rewards that would otherwise been beyond my wallet.
I know it can be hard to trust these days but some of the statements that say resellers cannot be honest about hours on a used cartridge is a very sad reflection on todays society.

Personally, ALL of my cartridges have been bought used from very well respected members with excellent feedback over the years.
C,mon surely among this "gentlemans club" there can be some trust?

Yes maybe one day I will get burnt but once you have been around the block a few times it is usually fairly easy to sniff out a potential scam artist or less than honourable soul. Granted this method is not for the meek or the naive!
That being said a little research and common sense and you can save a LOT of cash to put towards other cables, fuses etc!

Just my take and ymmv
I’m on my 5th used cartridge and have sold the first 4 as used as well.  I have had no issues whatsoever and have been able to buy cartridges I could not have otherwise afforded.  There is a risk for sure.  But that’s part of why you get them for such a discount.  

I value the Audiogon feedback and only buy cartridges from members with impeccable feedback.  Obviously YMMV.  
Purchasing a used phono cartridge is a lot like buying a used Tooth Brush.

Not really a good analogy imho

Really hard to brush your teeth with a cartridge......