New or Used Amplifier

I put together my Krell 20i CD player, YBA 2 Pre & amp with Genesis V speakers in the mid 90s’ and am still very happy with it so I kept away from the equipment shops.

Now adding HT so I will need 2 more amp along with misc equipment. I know major advances have been made in amplifiers in the past 20 years, but if you had around $3,000 to invest in an amplifier would you buy new or used?
used all the way.....the depreciation of that amp when purchased new makes buying used a much better bet.
For HT.....used.

With your YBA gear, I would suggest that you keep it in the same YBA designed family and go buy their used Audio Refinement Multi amps. (YBA designed but made in China line-up)

They impressed me enough to buy their 3 channel and the separate 2 channel (both used) to incorporate in HT. They serve as the centre channel, reads, and surround amps. Their superior build quality bested the top CAMBRIDGE AVR that I sent lacking. They now mate perfectly with my primary 2 channel for audio integrated amp with its direct pass-through (REGA Osiris ) as the LF and RF when I need it for HT.

Google the AR stable of amps, If memory serves me, they also had a full 5 channel.
Thanks for the suggestion and will take a look. The speaker wire length for rears is about 55 ft, so I ran Mogami interconnects for rear channels in walls already. I was told a 55 ft run of speaker wire would cause problem for amp. I was thinking of separate amp for rears and center.
The speaker wires length is not going to hinder you
I ran about the same length (up the walls, the length of a long room in the ceiling , down the walls plus the hookup lengths) without any difficulty.
I use the 3 channel amp for the centre channel and the rears, the two channel for the side surrounds.

The separate preamp processor is the " disposable" part, to be upgraded in the future as the codecs change.

Recommended : NuForce AVP-18.... Fully digital with all HDMI (no legacy inputs ). Google the reviews - highly recommended .... Especially with the ARCAM Bluray player to round it out.
Canuckaudiomart has an Audio Refinement Multi 5 and a Multi 2 listed for sale
Thanks everyone for the comments. Can you recommend a speaker wire for this length.

I will look for a Multi 3 since I am going to 5.2 or could I get Multi 5 and only use 3 outputs.

I agree, used would save you a ton on money.
Your in-wall installation (asssumed so) is going to have to be fire rated speaker cable or your insurance policy exclusion clauses be come an issue.


(I) it is the just the rears and surrounds on the long runs, AND
(II) you are using a hi-quality build amp to drive them,

the BELDEN line (a range of quality and gauges) will serve very nicely IMO. I used them to surprisingly good results on the advice of the Dealer for long in-wall runs.

Alternatively I wired the next room with Van Den Hul.... more expensive but I did not see any improvement over the cheaper Belden .

Center channel .... a different story here: a hi-quality speaker cable required to match you hi-quality LF and RF cables is strongly suggested to aid in getting that seamless soundstage across the fronts. Don't cheap it here.

ICs: I started the HT expansion journey with NORDOST FREYs that I still have for L-F 2 channel. I then went to NORDOST HEIMDALLs for all of the the centre, rears and surrounds.

Good ... you betcha ..... BUT ..... the AVP had the usual cheap stamped nmtal very crowded back panel and comparative cheap usual connectors that made the locking WBT RCAS on the ICs a big hindrance.

I went with ATLAS All-CU Navigators and then to REGA COUPLE ICs. The REGAs are the Goliath killers and for conveying the purely manufactured signal in the rears and surrounds. they are my choice as superior top performance at a good price.

Their performance is way above its weight class and the Neutrik Profi RCA connectors are outstanding and arguably on par (at least) with any of the WBTs for this selected performance criteria ,

The centre channel IC is still NORDOST to match the LF and RF.
Thanks AKG_ca

I will check out the Belden cables, do you have a suggestion on model that worked for you. I am already looking for YBA Diamond speaker cable for center channel.

Also saw comments that MIT Shotgun 3 was a good cable with a YBA amp but with different speakers.

In case I do not like the YBA 3 channel amp, has anyone heard the YBA Passion 600 vs the YBA1 amps. YBA1 is classic YBA but I saw some good reviews on Passion 600. Can anyone provide a comparison?
Go to TAKEFIVEAUDIO.COM , send them an email and get the Belden vs ?? Speaker cable choices straight goods right from the quality parts dealer that I used.

He will ask you more details about your gear, your room, other factors etc. and he can provide a much better choice(s) option(s).
They have speaker cables and ICs for sale

YBA Diamond cables .... Listed on
Thanks for the information. Any comments on yBA 1 or Passion 600?
Modwright KWA-150. This amp has good power, is fast, has wonderful inner detail & sounds warm, smooth and tube-like which is a perfect match for the Five's imho. Good 2nd hand examples can be picked up around $3k.
The cables are in Europe and I am in the USA. Do a lot of people purchase equipment or cables from Europe.
Are you suggesting I replace YBA2 with Modwright KWA150 or are you suggesting using Modwright KWA150 for front left/right and YBA for Center?

Have you heard Modwright KWA150 with Genesis V or assuming level of synergy based upon your knowledge.

I have not looked at equipment in over 20+ years, is the Modwright that big a step up from YBA2.
I've bought used cables from Europe with no hassles as long as it's on their local used audio sites or a reputable feedback dealer on EBay.
I would not buy squat out of Asia particularly China or Singapore -full stop.

U Pay the shipping, U pay the duty and local taxes if it applies , Unpay the small brokerage fee if there is duty .... using Fedex or like is one stop shopping and easy single pmt on the credit card .... Easy and good to go.

We live in a global arena in this hobby.
10-29-14: Joe11554
Are you suggesting I replace YBA2 with Modwright KWA150 or are you suggesting using Modwright KWA150 for front left/right and YBA for Center?

Have you heard Modwright KWA150 with Genesis V or assuming level of synergy based upon your knowledge.

I have not looked at equipment in over 20+ years, is the Modwright that big a step up
Joel, for 2 channel audio the Modwright KWA-150 would be a BIG upgrade from your current YBA amp & have plenty of power and control. It also has excellent build quality & looks beautiful imho.

If you're running a center channel, you could use your YBA amp as the center channel is less critical, or you could look around for a 5 channel amp like a 2nd hand Classe CA-5200 which is the same ballpark price-wise. Then you could run a 5 channel setup off the one amp & leave your processor just for processing duties.

I haven't heard the KWA-150 with the Gen V's, but I have heard the Gen 5's separately and am familiar with their sound. The original 5's were designed by Arnie Nudell and used slightly updated Emit-R tweeters. I had Emit-R's in my previous Infinity Reference 60's so i'm familiar with those drivers. The Emit-R's can sound a bit hot & like a warm, slightly forgiving amp that can match them for speed. I recall Arnie and John Ulrick voiced their speakers with ARC tube amps, but the Modwright offers the best of both worlds; power and tube-like warmth/midrange bloom.
I would look at odyssey and emotiva amps for home theater applications.
Thanks guys
Looks like it time to audition amps
Although I am using all Genesis Advanced Technologies Speakers ( V and surround sound) I would be afraid the tonal difference between two manufacturers of amplifier would be somewhat obvious. I assume it could be a distraction and you may lose the harmony within the system. From your experience, would these two amplifiers play well together?

Although an older amp, the YBA 2 always seemed to be a very musical amplifier to my ears. Are today amplifiers that much better than older quality equipment?
No Response ?
1) Should L/R Main and Center/Rear amplifiers be from the same manufacturer for tonality/harmony.
2) Would YBA2 (center/Rear) and Modwright (L/R main) sound well together?
3) Are todays amplifiers that much better than older YBA 2 quality amplifiers?

I am new to surround sound, so does anyone know where I can get information (setup/equipment/ect) on what is involved in combining surround sound without compromising 2 channel sound.
I have different amps running my surround sound; I have tubes running main left and right and solid state running all the rest.I don't think the amps being different is a major concern but the center channel speaker matching the front left and right is of importance.
I would also buy used just do your homework on the gear you are considering.
I do not have any experience with YBA but do know it is a step above.
What are you considering thus far and what speakers as well?
I currently have two amplifiers - YBA2 HCDT (High Current Dual Transformer) and a YBA2 (DT)for the front L/R and center. I am looking for a rear amplifier for rear surround. Both are from the 1990's but function perfect and sound very musical.

My current thought was look for YBA 1 for front L/R since its' from same time period and has similar tonal qualities. The Passion series is a step up, but I was told it would sound different in my system and may stand out when playing with YBA 2 series.

If I upgraded to a newer amplifier like the Modwright or other, then it would have to be a big step up from YBA and I would place in in front L/R position. However, it would have to play in harmony with center which would be YBA 2 series.

My Genesis Advanced Technologies V speakers play very nice with YBA. Genesis V has servo amp for low end, so YBA is only for mid and highs. The rest of surround are Genesis Advanced Technologies surround sound system (RS1) and Sub 4/8.

I have no knowledge on Home Theatre, but want to keep my 2 channel in tact is primary importance. My YBA 2 preamp does not have a bypass, so I have to find a work-a-round or get something new. Also need Pre-Pro, with balanced/RCA capability for amps since rear is balanced cable. Using separate amplifiers instead of HT all-in-one receiver.

thanks for reply.
are you doing 5.1 or a larger setup?
I have champagne taste and a beer budget, that said I have bought many used pieces over the years.....I just picked up a really nice pair of Quicksilver amps that I could not have afforded new, maybe once my daughter graduates college that will change....

Some of my best purchases have been used, I won't hesitate to buy used if it is mint and I can get a good deal...
That's the way I looked at it also, with understanding older equipment will be closer to its end of life. Is it fair to assume you can get 30 years out of a piece of equipment that is well cared for. The savings can be applied to extra equipment.
Joe11554 do you have any good dealers?
I am presently in New York, but my system is in my Florida home. It appears the dealer are more limited in Florida than New York. I also don't want to waste dealer time unless I am going to buy new.
any chance you are in Buffalo?
Not with 8 feet of snow. Used to go to Buffalo 3 or 4 time per year on business, but not since retirement.