New Oppo 103 & 105 Q&A Interview

Check out Audioholic online Oppo Q&A interview.
Quite informative.
Still USB 2.0 though.
How they missed the USB 3.0 tech upgrade suggests they have produced a 'lost generation' player. The good news is that prices on the new units will quickly fall as other makers produce 3.0 players.
Is anyone, I mean anyone making a USB 3.0 based DAC?

There are no actual implementations, and no theoretical advantages given that playback today does not hit the limit of USB 2.0.
Link please!
While USB 3.0's lower power consumption and updated communications are intriguing, I'd expect that it's going to take several years for any (potential) benefits to be realized over and above the current evolution of USB 2.0 hardware and drivers.

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In this forum I also posted an article on Thunderbolt vs 3.0 vs esata
USB 2.0 has more than enough bandwidth to handle the 24/192 limit of the Sabre32 inputs.

It would however be a "lost generation" product if it doesn't do DSD decoding over USB which IMHO is the way forward for hires downloads. Way more analog sounding than hires PCM
But, you still cannot play Apple Lossless Files...
You can. With a computer
Just a plug for Oppo customer service. My BDP-93 keeps loosing its wireless network connection. I called Oppo, got right through to a native English speaking service rep, and was quickly sent a paid UPS label for the return. Pretty cool.
Doggiehowser, yes to a Computer.
But with the spanking new Oppo 105 it still won't handle Apple Lossless files via USB.
Might as well keep my Oppo 95 since all I use it for is to view Blu Ray movies.
To be honest, I suspect the new Oppo's playback from a USB stick is unlikely to be as good sounding as using a Mac Mini with Audirvana Plus or a PC with similar tweaks.
It looks like the aysnc USB input is only on the 105. It would nice to have USB input on the 103 without having to step up to the 105.
I thought it was kinda pointless seeing as the Oppo x3's DACs are nothing to write home about.
I do not use the DAC in my 93 but some people do and the async USB would be nice for them. Async usb could also be used for pass-thru of the digital signal to a DAC that does not not have aysnc USB - sort of a USB to S/PDIF converter - which is what I would like it for.
Except the 93 model isn't the one with a good DAC stage as Oppo intended it primarily as a digital transport.
Doggiehowser - true, but not everyone wants to pay another $500 (now $700 with with 105 I beleive) for the better DAC and analog output. Some people are happy with the 93 as a DAC. My guess is that the 93 significantly outsells the 95, although I may be wrong. I just think a lot of people would be happy to have the async USB on the 103. And for those for whom $500 is a stretch, an async USB might be the enough to go for the 103, since they could save the money on a separate usb converter and/or a separate DAC.
$500 doesn't get you a much better external DAC than what's built into the 105s.

Nor will it process SACDs and multichannel BRs/DVDAs
Some people do not want to or cannot pay the extra $700 for the 103. Some people already have nice 2 channel DACs that they like. For those folks, the aysnch USB on the 103 would be nice. I would just like to see it, even potentially as an option, without having to pay the extra $700 for all the DAC upgrades.
I don't get your point. If they have a nice 2 channel DAC that they like, why bother with async USB on the 103? Just get a good USB-SPDIF device that's also async.
If the async USB dac is built into the 103, then then you would not have to buy a separate coverter. I think a lot of people are just getting into computer music and the availability of a usb converter would be a help for them. Rather than buy an $200 converter and an ordinary $200 Blu-Ray, you could just buy a superior Blu-Ray/CD/SACD player with a built in converter from a company you trust. And, some people are content with the DAC in the 93/103. For them, $500 is a lot of money and will give them better Blu-Ray and a better DAC than they could ever get for $500 as separates.

It's a mute point since they are not doing it.
Why waste a good USB async with a crappy DAC?
Because some people do not have infinite money. The DAC is the 103 might be better than many people might have separately. I guess I would ask why have the 105 when you could get a dcs setup?
Why 105? Because the dCS doesn't play multi channel SACDs, nor DVDA nor Blurays.

The 103 is primarily designed as a digital transport so the DACs used in the design (and the analog subsystem) aren't great to start with.

It does have the HDMI inputs so it can upscale lower quality video sources to 4k using it's good 4k video subsystem. That IMHO makes sense if you have a good 4K chipset and a 4K display (which I expect is the only reason you'd upgrade from a 93 to 103.

Adding async USB to the 103 is a superfluous component that adds to the cost of materials but isn't particularly useful for what it is used for.
So if someone has $500 to invest in a BluRay, CD, SACD player and a usb DAC, what would you suggest that would be the equivalent of a 103 with a aysnc usb?
There isn't one.

But is there really a large target market for a mediocre DAC with async USB connection?

But the better DACs in the 105? That would benefit from the async USB connection. It's why Oppo has 2 models in their line up. They used to have 3: 80, 83, 83SE and FWIW, I thought the 80 made the 83 redundant.
I got the Oppo 103 last week and am sending it back for the 105, the analogue output bottom end is weak and not as dynamic as my current DAC. The 105 should be out end of Nov/beginning of Dec according to their Customer Service.
One wonders if the Oppo 103 needs more time to break in before the bass develops properly. I haven't seen where bass is a problem for Oppos, generally speaking.
Like the 93, the 103's role is as a digital transport primarily so the analogue outputs/DAC section aren't as robust or as well designed as on the xx5 range.

@Hikmer, how was the 4k output though? Did you have any chance to compare it to the Sony S790's 4k upscaling?
Oppo started shipping the BDP-105 last week.
Lots of info on AVSForum.
I have the Oppo BDP-103 and have yet to hear a CD on it. As for movies, I had no notion that my speakers could go that low with such authority and precision.

Time will tell if it's not up to snuff, audiophilically (did I just coin that one?) but for now I'm loving my movies.

All the best,
I just got a 103, the sound quality from SACD and CD surprised me. At first the sound was bright and grainy. After some hours it sounds very good to me. Very clear, imaging, dynamics and sound staging very good! For the price a true bargain in my book. Blue-Ray looks awesome. Now if the 105 sound is a little better It would probably beat out my 5K modded Sony!