New Onkyo Pro 885 software update....

I am wondering if anyone has a latest software update for the Onkyo Professional SC-885 processor or where I can get a link for one? I am concerned about onscreen issues through HDMI switching in and out....I am also concerned why I cannot get HD Master Audio or DD-Plus through the PS3. The PS3 has a Bitstream/Linear PCM option. I want to utilize the processing in the Onkyo and not the PS3...THX

Regards Bacardi
These two threads might help:
thats not a problem with the onkyo but rather its how you have the ps3 setup as my 905 does that as well
Drtoronto; Are you saying I need to change how I hook up the PS3 to the Onkyo? Or is it just in the menu's?? I did notice that the PS3 has a Liner PCM & Bitstream option...

Regards Bacardi
You must be careful when updating firmwares, i foud a guide that might help