New offrerings and MSRP

I was on a web site last night and someone leaked pictures of the new Ayre integrated. This was possibly backed up by an Ayre employee who was not happy about the pictures being posted online.

My question is. When a new product is released with a set MSRP, does that MSRP stay the same or fluctuate after positive or negative reviews come out?
From my experience with a new company or little known companies, as soon as a great review comes out, the price goes up, even doubles.
For well established companies, not nearly as much.
I think the msrp is announced and remains the same regardless of reviews.The cost of manufacturing doesn't change based upon opinions, nor does the profit margin required to stay in business. I don't believe that Ayre has ever produced a bad product. I doubt they will now. And I think if sales lagged due to negative press, dealers would loosen in store profit margins to sell off stock. Lack of demand would lead to either revisions or elimination from product line up.
Fair pricing is always 80% of MSRP and should be assumed that was paid in considering selling prices in the used market.
Fair pricing is always(?!) 80% of MSRP and should(?!) be assumed that was paid in considering selling prices in the used market?
I agree with Unsound. What I paid doesn't determine market value. Some dealers just won't discount. So if the used market is at 70% of MSRP on a piece that is popular, and I got a good deal at 20% off MSRP, should I take 50% to assure I lose as much as the average seller? I am happy if I get 10% off, but more important is do I get 100% service if I need it.
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