New Oasis

Well folks...the Gallagher brothers havent written a truly memorable tune in they still have the magic? Doubtful...this is better than their previous offerings but that isnt saying much...overall...their 15 mins in the USA has expired some time
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The jury is still out in my opinion. I am a huge Oasis fan and the new album has some big flaws. Liam's voice is shot, there are no guitar solos, and they inserted silly beatle-esqe sound effects that only the Beatles can do without sounding dumb.

I'll be seeing them in NYC in two weeks so I will wait until then to decide.

As for their 15 minutes being up in the USA, I would agree but if you look at the billboard top 10 I think you'll agree that we Americans don't exactly have the best taste in music.
If their music has ceased to be entertaining, the banter between the brothers Gallagher will always provide a source of amusement. I get a charge out of their character and I cut them some slack when their music takes a detour in the wrong direction. You've got to admire them for being a couple of punks with attitude and making a name for themselves....or maybe not.
i bought it and when i first heard it i knew it was going to be a grower(didnt hit me immediatly)...since ive played it solidly for 2 weeks i pronounce it a corker! i absolutly love it......they aint lost the touch just getting older and turning into more artsy musicians blah blah blah..
i also agree if u look at the american charts they are filled with absolute bollox,manufactored i just dont see anything good getting any airplay.....
cant wait for their next one.
HMMMMM? Whats the new album called? I figured I would look under the tittle "UNI-BROW" but found nothing
whatz next? a crap Noel G. solo offering? at any rate...take some half-baked beatles' melody, throw it in the Stones machine, then garnish with Sex Pistols sauce...the Sex Beatles have arrived!
yea baby!