New Nordostline : Heimdall, Frey and Tyr

Has someone tried them ?
How was they ?
I don't like Tyr. The low mid and bass presentation have somewhat been attenuated as compared to QuattroFil and Valhalla though it sounded more open.
You dont want that. Thanks !
Have been listening to Tyr for a month or so from my phono preamp to my preamp. It has been superior, IMO, to Acoustic Zen Reference, Siltech G-88 amongst others. Am still comparing but the openness combined with detail and a sense of positioning is so far uneqalled. Synergistics are up next in the continuing competition
I had the Nordost Frey ICs. Sold them and bought Virtual Dyanmics.

The Frey were detail but bright and harsh in the highs and mids. Much of the mids are missing and non existance. Bass is less. I experienced sibilence in the highs and mids especially with vocals. The only thing i liked about the Frey was the sweet highs but i could not stand the rest.