new nine inch nails for free download

trent seems to be going crazy with the online albums. i suppose it's a good sign. his newest (the slip) is available online in either mp3, flac, or 24/96 wav for free. i'll be downloading the 24/96 version when i get home from work.
I personally do not think an artist giving his/her talents away for free is a good thing, I mean who would be the first to go into work and tell the boss 'hey, I am here for free! and I'll do a 10 hour day, including the w/ends'............
I never download any music free or not, I always buy the cd, as i believe all hi-fi nuts should do on this high end site.
I suppose it is good news for those that want freebees, but how would artists put food on their families' tables?
Well, I downloaded The Slip and I can see why he's giving it away. There sure isn't anything there that I would pay for...Nice gesture, though!

Yes I agree it is a nice gesture and he should be applauded for doing it. I would prefer it if real 'super' groups gave something back to the 'loyal' fans that have given them their exclusive and privileged lifestyle over many years. Not that I would download anything though.
Hey, he makes his money off merchandise and touring. This costs him nothing, as he has his own studio. Musicians should wake up and smell the coffee--this is brilliant.