New new sesrch

Using the new cost bar -- this is unusable. I always searched for items over $300 to not get all the lp listenings.cannot get slider to go less than $2800.  ?????
Filters are not working again. There is no way to enter a min price and then have it take affect.

I just tried it on my phone which is not the most user friendly device and I was able to enter a min price, then a max price and hit go and it worked just fine.
I have a pixel 2 XL. I have to restart it 20 times a day. I use outlook as my mail program since I use it at home. Outlook is very difficult to use on Android. I had windows phones before this pixel and almost never had to restart it. Not a happy camper. Felt the same way when VHS won over Betamax.
Showing our ages by even remembering Betamax.
Personally I thought the Phillips tape format was better than either! 
Just figured out, you can enter a minimum price amount in the filter and then you must forward (keyboard bottom right corner) through all the remaining entry fields. Then it will process all of these fields at once and proper seach items are listed.