New network receiver

Hi. I am a long time audiophile who owned over 30 different amps in the past. Over 10 yrs ago I went all tubes and I still have a tube based system. I want to get a network receiver with Wi Fi and Bluetooth to plug to my TV and also to connect to the internet. I've been comparing receivers lately and the Yamaha RX-A1060BL caught my eye. Anyone here with any experience with this receiver and how it compares to other network receivers currently in the market? Your advice is appreciated.  
Hi audiogabby,

The Yamaha RX-A1060BL is a solid choice in its respective price point, as is the Pioneer Elite SC-LX501 (and many others). Aside from WiFi and Bluetooth, what are your goals/expectations for the system? It sounds like you've got a more audiophile-grade system (the tube setup you referenced) that you use as your primary system, and this would be more secondary for casual TV watching with some network audio streaming - is that correct?
Yes, this is going to be TV and movies plus the usual streaming. There is a possibility that i'm going to have back surgery in the future and be home for several weeks recovering. I want to be able to connect the TV, Satellite plus my blue ray player into a receiver and control everything from one remote. I'm not expecting sound like what i'm getting from my tube setup but I want decent sound without any hassles.
Based on what you’re looking for, I think you’d probably be happy with any of the Japanese brands (they are all fairly similar at this price point). That being said, I think Yamaha’s Aventage series probably has the best sounding amps within that circle...