New Naim versus Old Naim: best amp/preamp match

I've heard some talk of the "new Naim" sound versus "Old Naim" sound.
Does this mean that older gear, such as a NAC 72 is best matched with older amps, such as NAP 180? And newer preamps (112X) are best matched with newer amps (NAP 150)? My only experience is with older Naim equipment.
I am putting togther 2 systems (NAC 112X and 72) and am interested in opinions on which amp/preamp pairings might be best. I typically listend to
classic jazz, classical, and acoustic/light pop. Speakers are Proac 1.5s.

I have a nap 250/82/cdx/xps/2 hicaps in main system and 140/72/cd3.5/ 2 flatcaps in office. The 72 is equally at home with either amp. 82 sounds much better with the 250 and is more revealing of upstream electronics. New reference gear is smoother and a bit more open. Olive is less in your face than chrome but chrome and olive gear boogie like son of a gun compared to reference gear. One mans opinion.
You can mix the old gear and new gear with superb results.
As Mlauner said, new Naim is smoother, more hi fi if you will. Older Naim is upfront, more in your face, not to some people's liking.
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