New Naim CD5i-2 compared to original?

I have no Naim dealer anywhere nearby where I can hear the new CD5i-2 (the "italic" version). Has anyone had a chance to compare it to the original CD5i? In particular, I'd like to know if the new player's sound character is in any way brighter, harder, or more forward or aggressive than the original CD5i. All else being equal, I'd prefer the player with the kinder, gentler high end. Any insights welcome, and thanks!
You need to seek out a used CD5 if a kinder gentler sound is your goal.
Check here:
I think he wanted to know about the new player not the one from four years ago.
Ghanson, I believe I suggested to him the best place to research this.
Thanks, Muzikat. Indeed, I have posted on the Naim forum the same query that started this thread. Not many people seem to have heard the new CD5i yet. I have received two conflicting opinions (but hey, otherwise it wouldn't be high-end audio, right?).

One poster said: "I own a CD5i-2 and although I never heard the original CD5i, I know the CD5 well as a friend owns one. The CD5i sounds almost the same and is as refined as the CD5 bare. A CD5 with a flatcap or other PSU is definitely better."

Another poster wrote: ""If it were the CD5i I'd have said the CD5+FC since I preferred the more refined approach of the latter, but this new CD5i is really really good and I just think it might pip the CD5+FC in sound quality."

I am leaning toward a new unit (warranty and all that) -- dealers have both the original CD5i and new CD5i-2 available. Probably I'll just have to make a long road trip to hear for myself. Thanks, all.