New NAD M-25 or Used McIntosh MC-207?

Looking for smooth and detailed for music and still dynamic for movies. Have Hyperion HPS-938 and Arcam FMJ cd player and DVD. Arcam P1000 and AVP700. With Nordost cables. Clean but slightly flat and sharp sounding. Any thoughts?
The NAD M25 is a fantastic amplifier, I really enjoy it's dead-quiet operation, sexy looks, and dymanics. It has enough current to run just about any home theater with ease.

The McIntosh is good as well, but believe cost quite a bit more than the M25.
Yep the Mac is expensive. Looking at a demo to save money. But it will still be double the NAD. I wonder if it is at least 2X as good? Have heard the Mac. No local dealers carry the M Series. No luck there.

Is the M25 as good with music as it is with movies. Need bass slam for music too. With nice warm vocals. Have tons of detail now but no "meat" to the sound.

A little disapointed that the NAD isn't balanced. Using all balanced cables now. So it should cost something extra there. Have some Nordost Red Dawn's that are single-ended. My help, dont' know if the NAD is Nordost friendly.

This may sound a typical answer but, go with the Mac if within your range. This is MY personal experience.

The following Years will tell you that you made the correct decision!!! Good luck!
Hawk, as a dealer I of course like the NAD Masters. However, if you are looking for a multi-channel amp that betters the NAD easily and remains budget friendly. You might look at one of my personal favorites the Parasound Halo A51. I have it in my personal theater system. Halo is just a phenominal product. It has an excellent reputation, has a great warranty if ever needed, looks like a million bucks, very neutral presentation, and sounds wonderful. Highly recommended!!!
I bought the Mac, looking foward to getting it in the system. Should be a major step up from the Arcam P1000.
Congratulations! Great choice.

Now 'YOU' can tell us about how it 'sounds' & 'feels'. Cheers.
PLEASE do let us know asap. I'm looking to do something similar (mc205). PM me directly if you'd like. I'm anxious to know what you think. Thanks. Jeff
Will be here around Wed. or Thurs. Have to move everything in my rack up. The thing is huge, may take a day or two to get it in and hooked up.

Wonder how long it will need to run in. The guy told me 72 hours but it always seems to take longer to really run this stuff in. Can't wait though!
Just a follow up on the Mac. Have had it many weeks now and it just keeps getting better and better. My Hyperions have never sounded so good. Just playing the cable game now. Can't decide between a few.

It sounds wide open and powerful. Even my wife notice the sound. That is saying something.
you'll be able to give the mac to your children or grand-children one day.....
I used to own NAD when I was in school and could not afford the mac.

now I have the MC-275 for my 2-channel and the MC-7205 for the home theater and figure if I ever have kids, it will go to them in the will.

the fact that even your wife noticed a difference (assuming she's not a fan of hi-fi) pretty much says it all.
She thinks I'm nuts but doesn't freak out on this hobby. Just bought the Mac C-2200 tube preamp. Should have it in my system tomorrow. Very excited to hear what it sounds like in my room with the rest of my gear. Someday hope to have a 275 in a two channel only room. Have heard it and love it. No room now so it will be down the road. Think I'm done for the near future, except for a cable or two.