New Musical Fidelity 308 Series

I see MF has launched new website:
We now can see details/photos of new 308 line of products, as well as news of limited edition tri-vista integrated and
CD/SACD player (press news button). Anyone tried these units yet and what are your impressions?
Like all MF stuff. WHat the reviewers get and the consumers get are never the same thing.

Please clarify your response. Are you suggesting that MF doctors their review units to improve their performance? That's a pretty serious claim. I think it my be fashionable on this site to question the integrity of any company that gets good reviews form the mags consistently(Halcro thread was an example). Regardless, the 2 people I know who have MF products seem pretty satisfied, and there stuff seems to be solidly constructed. I don't know ho it compares with other stuff in its price range, but I do know that I compared an ARC ls 12 preamp to a friend old MF A3 CR preamp(not new 3.2) and that the MF seemed considerably quieter and more neuteral to me. Far from definitive, bu know one accuses ARC of deceiving reviews