New Music: Oh Laura

Oh Laura is a band from Sweden that does alt folk-ish songs. The lead singer has an interesting voice.
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Clicked on a few short sample cuts of this album at AMG, the girl sounds very sweet. I always fall for "pretty" girl voices.

Checking with my sources it appears to be CD only. I'll continue to look, if comes up as LP I may buy it. Thanks for the heads up.
She sounds like Bjork.
Nice easy listening music though.
If it's anything close to Bjork and on LP, Albert's in dream land!
Thanks for the suggestion; I liked their sound as well..

My favorite "discovery" in the realm of altish folk voices lately is The Be Good Tanyas ( Frazey Ford often sings, with a sweet and spacey voice that is a little, well, Frazey. Try "What Are They Doing in Heaven?" on Hello Love, but all three of their discs are very fine. Sadly, Albert, I do not think there are LPs. John
If the Be Good Tanyas did it for you, you might also like the Wailin' Jennys.
Thanks Tobias. I used to listen to WJs' 40 Days all the time. Sweet voices. Do you have a favorite disc of theirs? J
If it's anything close to Bjork and on LP, Albert's in dream land!

You can tell John Frech has listened with us on many occasions :^).

Have you heard the new album by Pink Martini?
Hi Jdoris, at this point I am tipped slightly towards Firecracker... Toby
I love The Be Good Tanyas - I saw them live last year and they are great live as well. Their CD's are pretty well recorded (Blue Horse and Chinatown are both great), though I thought the recent one (Hello Love) wasn't as well recorded as the others.

Other's in the same genre that I'd highly recommend:

Over the Rhine ("Ohio" is an excellent choice there)
The Innocence Mission (All good but I like "Umbrella")
Tobias: Will try "Firecracker." Thanks!

Jax2: Chinatown might be my favorite from BGT. Will try Over the Rhine. The Innocence Mission, wow! Worked door for one of their shows a million years ago, at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Never bought a recording, I should.

Presently listening to Jenny Scheinman's self-titled record. Better than average recording, I reckon, and nice guitar from Bill Frisell.

Other nice voices in the vicinity are Shannon McNally and Sera Cahoone.

Been meaning to try starting an thread forever' will try to do so soon . . . . John